Values – why they’re as important to your business as good systems.

We’ve always ‘had values’, you know, the generic type – be kind, don’t recommend products we don’t stand by, don’t rip people off etc.  When asked if we could articulate them on a deeper more detailed level though, we muddled around the words but couldn’t quite nail it. That’s not a problem per se, we’re good people doing good, but when a team are working toward common goals and they believe in a united and common purpose it creates better business – for us and our clients.

The team at Cloudsolve have invested considerable time in improving our systems – that’s a no brainer, it’s what we do, but we’ve also invested time to identify and articulate our Values as a business. What makes Cloudsolve, Cloudsolve? We worked with Jo Hanlon from Mind Your P’s to help us narrow down and pinpoint the top 5 values we all feel aligned to. Jo began with introducing the reasons why we need to articulate our values. She explains it like this:

“When a company goes through the journey of identifying and articulating their values, team members become more empowered to self-manage and make better decisions.  The Values become a glue that unite all team members with a common expectation of a standard of behaviour that then, forms the foundation of a strong company culture.”

“When a team lives and breathes the organisations values in their daily work, those values become integral to most, if not all, parts of the organisation. When used by  team members as both a behavioural compass and a decision making filter, this helps provide stability and certainty to both internal and external stakeholders about what they can expect from the company. It engages the hearts and loyalty of aligned employees, which leads to attracting and retaining their most aligned clients. This all leads to a more sustainable and successful organisation and who doesn’t want that?” Good question. We certainly do.

After a recent planning day & reflecting on the work we’ve done to date (and identifying what is still to come!) has there been a change? Has there been a shift? Yes, there has and its tangible.

Jo helped us uncover a common language and framework to realise we’re capable of doing great things in our own right. It has allowed the whole team a way to give, and receive, meaningful feedback and share ideas as we are anchored to a common understanding of what success at work looks like.

So then, what are the values we live and breathe every day, you might ask? Here they are, and if you see us not living up to these at any point; if we’re not all walking the talk, call us on it.

Professional:  We are knowledgeable, friendly and take pride in delivering great service to our clients and customers.

People Centric: Our team, our clients and our partners are at the heart of what we do. We collaborate with them and learn about their individual needs and priorities which helps us add value to them and their business.

Innovative: This is our bread butter. We’ll thoroughly invent investigate all available option and move mountains to find the best people and technology solutions for both our clients and our own business. Innovation quenches our thirst for knowledge and to see genuine, relevant improvement in our customers businesses gives us a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Authentic: It’s important for us to do what we say consistently and transparently. We have your back, and we look after each other.

Making a Difference: We all live in this world together and we are committed to contributing to it and doing our bit, not just on a daily basis at work but out in the community as well.

Without a doubt we will continue to build on these and deepen our connection to each of these values. If you need to work on the culture and values of your organisation, then don’t hesitate to contact Jo Hanlon. You won’t look back.


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