Unleashed, 2020 Enhancements and New Features

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to make sure you can tap into data insights to refine your marketing and sales strategies, reach your audience and ensure your business is as efficient as possible.  Unleashed have released a number of updates and new features in 2020 that you might have missed in the day to day of riding the Covid-19 roller coaster. Let’s face it, we get it! However some of these will really add great value to your day to day operations and we don’t want you to miss them! We presented a webinar on these last week and we’ve put together this summary of the new features below:

General Features

  • Global Search: Picks up any ‘search’ reference across a variety of tables. This helpful central point of search enables you to access information swiftly. You can search by any number of items, such as transaction number, reference number, tracking number, customer name, PO number, product etc.
  • Templates: You can now create and configure all transaction email templates and set up automations to notify the relevant people. For example, if you have a parked PO – if you change the status from parked to placed and the PO will be automatically sent to the nominated contacts
  • Data Exporter: A feature particularly useful for those who use a 3PL. Create and configure a template within data exporter and easily send the required data to the 3PL at the touch of a button
  • Integration: The QBO integration has extra functionality. Call us if you’d like more information on this one and we can run you through them.

Sales and customer Related

  • Batch and Serial Numbers: You can now print batches and serial numbers directly onto invoices & pick lists. If you run batches (e.g. F&B, pharma etc) or serialised products (big ticket products) the batch & serial numbers were previously reported as a separate field on documents. Now you can add these and even expiry dates to an invoice line. This is a great benefit for clients who have financing for their products, which requires the serial number printed on the invoice.
  • Commercial invoicing: Selling overseas? You can now produce an international customs compliant (ICC) commercial invoice within Unleashed. By adding the ICC and supporting details, this automated process enables you to move away from manual Excel designed invoices. This is helpful if you’re exporting or financing products. Simply design a template in document designer and you’re ready to go
  • Country Validation: In the past if you imported data without a valid ISO country name e.g. USA instead of ‘United States’ the data was rejected and didn’t import – this new update will allow the import, but gives you an incongruent information warning allowing you to edit the country
  • Updating Delivery Instructions: Auto update is now available on delivery instructions in the Customer file for regular deliveries. However, if you have a one-off instruction, the best practice procedure is complete this in Shipment Notes instead.
  • E-commerce: A nice upgrade of the native integration with Shopify and Unleashed allows serial and batch numbers to automatically allocate from Unleashed. Efficiency is always a win!

Inventory and warehouse

  • Editing: Allows greater flexibility in creating an assembly and sub-assemblies. Now, if you need to amend the source and destination warehouse field after you have created and parked the assembly, you can. This can be especially helpful If you want to create a sub-assembly off site.
  • Can Assemble: greater visualisation of what additional stock you could assemble, with the components on hand.
  • Label Printing: there are now additional data fields you can add to your labels. You can add ICC fields (very helpful for exporting products), batch numbers, serial numbers country of origin etc. These can be seamlessly added via document designer.
  • Bulk download of labels: you can now bulk download rather than individual labels. You can print your daily sales orders in one print run. Again, efficiency is a great gift!

Suppliers and purchasing

  • Price breaks: the system now knows the rules for your customers and will automatically apply relevant price breaks. You can have multiple price breaks based on quantity.
  • Enhancements: Hover over the product on the sales order screen and you get inventory information regarding the product. The same functionality is now available in Purchase Orders. From here you can access further information by running the relevant reports, e.g. stock on hand, product allocations and purchase enquiry, or you can just access the product file itself

Side note: If you’re doing your PO’s manually you shouldn’t be. Setting up your Min and Max level data will enable you to analyse your data with greater clarity. Building some rules to generate PO’s automatically will help you become far more efficient.

  • Purchase enquiry: There are now additional fields available, which are especially useful for overseas Purchase Orders
  • Contacts: You can now have multiple contacts, e.g. sales rep, accounts, warehouse, logistics provider etc and determine who gets cc’d on the Purchase Order email.


  • The Stripe Integration is a really big game changer. If you’d like full payment before despatching products to your customers having a Stripe payment gateway will make life so much easier. Payment to pick, pack, ship, invoice and payment synchs to Xero effortlessly. No more raising invoices and tracking payments!
  • Running B2B can be either organisations that are selling direct B2B and or as an ordering platform. Your customer can enter the information themselves rather than your team member having to do it. Acceptance of online ordering is mainstream, and customers are generally used to it. It certainly minimises the amount of data entry you have to do.
  • Product notes: Prior to this update, extra product details had to be added manually to each individual item. Now, using the Notes field in Unleashed, you can upload these straight into the B2B. This is especially useful if you are using Shopify as a master, theses details are sent directly to the notes field in UNL and can now be uploaded directly into the B2B. Huge time saver!
  • Out of Stock: You can hide, make invisible or sell out of stock items. You can also configure the field text of your choosing.
  • Guest access: Allows the customer to add and allocate a guest and you can determine what permissions you give, browsing or select and pay, as well as determining which price tier they’re mapped to
  • Guest account: The Stripe payment gateway is now built-in. Previously had to you have an account, this new feature, enables you to give wider access to your B2B portal and get immediate payment! Winner!

Business Intelligence (BI)

  • This is the big release of this year. BI has been released progressively over the past few months and gives you the ability to look at your data on a  granular level and opens up a treasure trove of information.  Cross filtering of products and inventory can be incredibly beneficial for your business. You can slice and dice your data in almost any way imaginable, giving you almost limitless insights.
  • There are two levels of BI- Foundation & Vision. Foundation is a free model available for all.
  • Vision is priced at $49 per month per business (not per user). Vision is free until the until end of Sept for all Cloudsolve clients. Email: support@cloudsolve.com.au to activate your account.
  • BI gives a comprehensive, intuitive and graphical overview of various functions and can be customised for the month, quarter or year.
  • Vision provides an even deeper and granular insight into your sales, inventory, customers and purchasing positions.

Enjoy all the new tools available to you and if you have any queries or want further information please email us at support@cloudsolve.com.au

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