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For a growing business, sales analysis is essential. Whether in a crowded marketplace or as a first-mover, running sales analysis through an ERP system will help you understand your customer’s needs and habits and give you the advantage of critical market data and trends that can help increase your market share.

Sales Analysis provides you with key insights on:

  • Utilising long-term data
  • Customer Analytics &
  • Market Analysis

Sales analysis is integral to developing and growing into a successful organisation. It allows your business to expand and sell using proven data-driven strategies that can ensure growth while maintaining and building new customer relationships.

The Information you need, at your fingertips!

Benefits of Triumph Reporting

Fully Integrated & Real time

No more exporting data to Excel, Triumph’s BI module offers instant access to the information you need to run your business. Report on Sales compared to budget or previous periods, report on Costs or Gross Margin, all in granular detail!

Safe and secure

As with every module in Triumph, user permissions ensure the security of your valuable information. Give access to anyone in your team who needs it, lock out those who do not!

Empower you Team

In a typical small business the owner calls the shots! As that business grows, more people in the team need to become decision makers – Triumph provides the tools to do this, offering team members the information they need (and elsewhere in the app the modules to execute).

Sales Analysis

A complete overview of ALL sales, including wholesale, POS and ecommerce, all combined into one powerful reporting tool. Never again be blindsided by missing data!

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