Cloudsolve Webinar on 2020 Unleashed updates and New Features

In this webinar, hosted by Rhys Roberts, Cloudsolve Founder  and Karl Minahan, Senior Consultant we explore the 2020 Unleashed updates and New Features, including hands on demonstrations. There are some really game-changing features in B2B and BI and let’s face it, every advantage we can gain at the moment is key!

We also have a guest appearance at the end from Unleashed MD Gareth Berry. Thanks Gareth!

For a more detailed examination on the topics covered in the webinar a written summary is available here.

*****Correction note: In the webinar when discussing the B2B integration with Stripe, Rhys referred to accepting deposit payments as a new feature. Whilst this is on the roadmap for Unleashed, it isn’t yet a capability. Apologies.*****
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