Bringing BigCommerce to you

We’re thrilled! In addition to our recent partnership with Inventory Management System, LOCATE Inventory, we have now added a BigCommerce partnership to our repertoire! Talk about stepping it up this year.

BigCommerce is the world’s leading cloud ecommerce platform for both established and rapidly-growing businesses. It powers B2B and B2C ecommerce across SMB, Mid-Market and Fortune 1000 brands.

In response to growing client needs, onboarding with BigCommerce was, to put it simply, a no brainer. The lessons Covid taught businesses of all shapes and sizes were many. Not the least of which were:

1. The importance of a customer centric online presence (for BOTH B2B and B2C) &

2. The value that Cloud based systems can make to all businesses

For more than a decade we’ve been dedicated to helping product and inventory based businesses utilise Cloud based apps to improve their business efficiency and performance. Why? Because we understand the importance of working on your business not in it, and access to real time data can help you make decisions with greater clarity and speed.  The addition of BigCommerce to our portfolio rounds out our service offerings, from accounting, inventory, POS, CRM and now ecommerce solutions. It just made sense.

But Why BigCommerce? So. Many. Reasons.

First and foremost, it delivers the best value to customers through its feature rich platform with robust functionality.  Competitive pricing is really important to us, any system we implement must deliver value – in spades. In our opinion, the “No transaction fees” policy is a big win for business, leaving more money in your pocket. BigCommerce supports 65+ payment gateways with native credit card vaulting and a 99.9% uptime. This protects business data and customer transaction and let’s face it, Cyber-security is not negotiable for small business.

We’ll be sure to feature some of the benefits of BigCommerce in coming months but if it you’d like to book in a demo or discussion information please let us know.

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