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If your business is services-based – and especially if you already use Xero – then you should join the more than 6000 happy customers globally who consider WorkflowMax as their Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool.

Owned by Xero (‘’Beautiful Accounting Software’’), WorkflowMax has a similar look, feel and user-interface to the parent software.

It will work straight out of the box but is also highly customisable. It is ideal for companies of one to fifty employees, including creative agencies, architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers, IT companies, construction firms, consultants and anyone else who bills primarily by time.

The Cloudsolve team has implemented more than 50 WorkflowMax solutions across these industries. We have an intimate knowledge of the features and benefits of this product, as well as most of the competitive alternatives.

Cloudsolve is accredited across a range of cloud solutions. We have a long-standing strategic relationship with Xero and are ideally placed to help you evaluate, test and install this fantastic PSA tool without interruption or downtime in your day-to-day business.


Why you’ll love a WorkflowMax solution delivered by Cloudsolve

  • It will manage your jobs and projects from go to whoa; from when you identify a lead, to quoting that opportunity, to running that project, right through to billing and collection – all in one package.
  • No contracts, no licence fees; just a monthly subscription with five tiers, to accommodate from one single user to unlimited users  (
  • Return on investment; no more ‘’scope creep’’, no more overservicing a project and losing track of valuable hours spent. The simple and intuitive timesheet system will always tell you how actual compares to estimate at a project and individual-activity level.  
  • Unlike a lot of PSA software, WorkflowMax has a purchasing module, which allows simple job-specific procurement on the fly, capturing all outgoings. 
  • You can collaborate internally – and also with clients – sharing notes, documents, emails and milestones on a per-job basis, all under one roof.
  • You can customise all your business documents to duplicate your current paperwork, including quotes, invoices, statements, scopes of work and so on.
  • WorkflowMax consistently rates highly with users in independent surveys, like this one:
  • It has an almost identical look and feel/user interface to its parent product, Xero. If you like Xero, you’ll love WorkflowMax!
  • Access anywhere, anytime. The power of the cloud means you can use WorkflowMax when and where it suits you across a variety of devices. There is no lag-time on quotes, invoices, timesheets or correspondence as every team member is connected at all times.

Why do we love implementing WorkflowMax?

  • At Cloudsolve, we use WorkflowMax internally so we are intimate with its capabilities.
  • After 50-plus integrations across many industries, we are constantly impressed the customisation flexibility of the product.
  • Conducting client pre-integration workshops and post-implementation training is a dream because of the familiar look and feel and the process-logic.
  • With Xero as its parent, we are confident that WorkflowMax will continue to evolve and improve and become as attractive in the PSA marketplace as Xero is in the accounting space.   
  • Repetitive project-types can be templated, so we always look to find the 80/20 rule: which project types are in the majority? How repetitive are they? What are the small variations? Let’s template them intelligently.
  • In the unlikely event where WorkflowMax comes up ‘’short’’ for your particular business (for example, you may require a sophisticated CRM system), there are more than 30 add-ons, which will likely close that gap. (
  • WorkflowMax will integrate seamlessly with Xero, naturally. The integration will actually flow the other way too, so invoices and purchase orders can be raised in either program and will appear in both.
  • The WorkflowMax reporting module is second to none. While some PSAs try to present a lot of information in the enquiry screens, WorkflowMax keeps these screens clean, apart from critical info, but makes up for this with customisable reporting.  
  • Security and safety. All WorkflowMax data is backed up every 10 minutes on multiple redundant servers at tier-one data centres globally

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