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For most businesses there is no “one best solution”, rather there are a range of possible options, each of which have various strengths and weaknesses. Often however, there is a solution that is definitely wrong for your business, it may even be the one you are currently using! Unsuitable systems may be too expensive, they might not offer one or more “must haves” features your business needs or maybe they are simply hard to use and don’t provide the support you need.

Cloudsolve consultants are able to help you choose a solution that will work for your business, and avoid the ones that won’t! This will almost always be a trade-off: you may not be able to find a solution that has all the features you need, or if you do it may be harder to use or more expensive. Choosing between the range of options available and weighing up the relevant pros and cons can be quite daunting. This is where we come in.

Let Cloudsolve find the best solution for your business

Our experienced team can help you find a solution that will work for your business, meeting your unique needs, and delivering value to your company. The first time we meet with you we will ask you to tell us about your business. We start off with some basic questions that explore how your business operates and what your simple needs are;

Software Selection Consulting

Software Selection Consulting

Are you selling goods

Are you selling goods or services?

Do you sell on-line

Do you sell on-line, retail or wholesale?
You might do all 3.

As the conversation continues we will look deeper into your business model and ask some more complex questions. If you sell goods do you need to track “variants” such as colours and sizes? Or do you need to track serial numbers or batch numbers? Do you have multiple warehouses and need to track the location of stock? These questions allow our team to gain a better understanding of the features will make your operations and processes most efficient. Considering the way your workforce goes about their activities can also be critical.

Is your workforce mobile? Do they need access to your systems when they’re on the go? Will they need to be quoting or even invoicing on-site with your customers?

Depending on where the conversation takes us we will delve into more detail around your business processes, all aimed at answering one question: what is your ideal system?

Plan for the future, with a flexible solution that can grow with you

Many of the questions above will be very easy for you to answer – you will know your business better than anybody. What will be slightly harder is envisaging where your business will be in 2 or 3 years, and what your requirements might be then. If you plan to grow significantly into the future, you need a software solution that is functional today, but will still be functional down the track. Cloudsolve consultants will help you by navigating you towards solutions that are likely to have the flexibility to grow and develop with your business.

Every business is different, before meeting with Cloudsolve to have this conversation you might want to do some preparation, using a structured approach to consider the issues above. Our exclusive software selection tool is a great starting point, you can download a copy of this below. Read this before we meet and come along well prepared to ask us the tough questions – that way you will get the best out of our meeting, and ultimately the best solution for your business.

Understand the pressure points of software selection.

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